As a business owner, you’re (hopefully) well aware of just how important an online presence is to grow your brand. Social media plays a huge role in online engagement and offers you endless opportunities to get to know your audience and really learn what engages them.  

One of the best platforms for learning about your potential clients, and showing them who you are as a brand, is Instagram. But before you go posting images willy-nilly, consider this: what is the theme of your Instagram account going to be?  

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You’ve probably heard these terms being thrown around – but what does it actually mean?

It seems these days that no one is just a designer – they’re a UX designer or a UI designer. Or both.

These concepts have been around for decades (if not centuries) but have been defined and brought into popular usage by the modern tech industry when building digital products from websites and apps to the “Internet of Things”. 

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As a business owner, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to creating a digital presence. Choosing a Web Design Agency can be extremely difficult, especially because in this day and age you have so much choice, from freelance web designers working from a home office to huge companies that rake in massive annual profits. Here are some points to consider when choosing a Web Design Agency for your business: 

  • What kind of expertise are you looking for?
  • Does their portfolio appeal to you?
  • Can they provide you with references?
  • Are they within your budget?
  • Can they also provide Digital Marketing services, i.e. SEO, blogs, etc?
  • Choose local

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Most people think that blogging is important for Google Search Engine Rank (SER) - and it's true, blogging is an essential component in improving your website SER over time, BUT there are many other reasons why blogging is integral to a successful inbound marketing strategy for every business.

Here at INCUB8, our whole team know blogs are essential. More importantly, we know how to write them to bring more traffic to your website and to convert that traffic into customers. Take a few minutes to learn why you should blog, and more importantly how you should blog.

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At INCUB8 Web Design, we build websites for a living – and we love it! But how do we make decisions when there is so much on offer in the world of website hosting and design

This question can be applied to literally everything when it comes to web design – fonts, plugins, images, software. The list is endless.  

One decision we have to make with each new website we build is – which Content Management System (CMS) should we use?  

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Should you be spending your money on web design, or digital marketing? Or even both? What can each of these aspects of the online world do for your business? Below are three starting-point tips to explain what you need to focus on to grow your business.

Web Design is the process of planning and building a website that will increase conversion of visitors to leads. Digital Marketing involves implementing strategies to improve the reach of your content and drive traffic to your website and social media channels.

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